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The Nation’s educators, business leaders, community leaders and the U.S. Army have a shared responsibility and mutual interest in working together to ensure the success of today’s students – realizing positive benefits when achievement gaps are bridged; when students successfully graduate high school, vocational school or college; and when young people are well prepared and ready to enter the “next stage” of their adult lives, whether that is higher education, industry or Army/military service.

Well-prepared students who move forward to achieve post-secondary success are integral to the future of our communities, the prosperity of our economy, the readiness of our workforce and the strength of our national security. The U.S. Army’s underlying mission, and the mission of the Ed Space Web site, is to motivate, educate, train and develop America’s youth to become the leaders, decision makers and civic contributors of tomorrow. Working together, we can build stronger futures and improve outcomes for all youth across the country.


Below are the resources available on this section of the site:

About ArmyEdSpace
An overview of ArmyEdSpace, its history and its purpose.

Army Facts & Apps
American 15 year-olds’ math skills rank 25th internationally. Someone with a college degree makes 73% more over a lifetime than someone with only a high school degree. Reading and math scores improved 40 to 50% faster with teachers who reported high levels of parent outreach and participation. Click here for more!

Educator Toolkit
This toolkit provides additional assets and training materials for educators. The goal of the toolkit is to provide information about the U.S. Army’s education initiatives, share education resources currently available to students, parents and teachers, and demonstrate the Army’s commitment to the future of our nation.

As part of an Army and Ten80 Education partnership to help cultivate a true love of learning, sense of teamwork and achievement in STEM fields, Ten80 Education is providing a series of STEM curriculum available on to provide educators and students with additional tools further understand STEM subjects and excel in their chosen career and personal paths.