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Program Spotlight: March 2 Success

What kind of educational services does March2Success provide?
March2 Success (M2S) provides competency building in English, science and math skills for rising high school students and those preparing for state exit exams. The program also teaches study skills, has sample tests for ACT and SAT, and contains information about choosing, applying to and paying for college.

For what types of students and age groups is March2Success designed?
Any student who wishes to improve skill levels and test scores can participate, from middle schoolers up to college graduates who may need to brush up on skills prior to taking a standardized test for grad school.

What is the most interesting aspect of the program?
M2S builds a curriculum that is specifically designed for the individual user. Students focus on the areas where they need additional help, rather than wading through the entire curriculum on a particular subject.

How does March 2 Success help students build skills needed for their future?
The program helps students develop competency in math, English and science while preparing them for taking standardized tests. These are basic competencies that students need to be ready for life after high school, whether that entails going to college or entering the workforce. Plus, higher scores on standardized tests equates to more college options for students.

If you had to use one word to describe March 2 Success what would it be?

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