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Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. Army and ACTE



The Parties to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are the U.S. Army Accessions Command (USAAC) and the Association for Career and Technical Education. (ACTE).


The purpose of the MOU is to provide the cooperative framework for the Parties to increase collaboration in supporting the Nation’s young people and improving the educational experiences and career and technical pathways for a lifetime of success. Specific areas of focus that have been identified as fruitful for potential collaboration include:  building a comprehensive understanding of career and technical choices for students (including  a potential accreditation nexus with military service), improving graduation rates, improving the health and fitness of  students, expanded career exploration/assessment and test preparation resources for educators and students, and the Nation’s future need for trained teachers, particularly in the areas of science, mathematics, and career and technical education.

A.  The objectives of the Parties are to identify productive ways of sharing the educational and expert resources of America’s Army with the education community; to improve student readiness for whatever their next life-stage step (higher education, industry, military service) might be; to increase educator understanding of the benefits of Army service and the educational opportunities available to Soldiers; to support USAAC in meeting its strategic vision and goals; to support ACTE in meeting its commitment to sound education policy development.

B.  In accordance with these objectives, the Parties will look for opportunities to collaborate, develop programming, and educate policy makers, devise policy initiatives and heighten awareness among the education community related to:

1. Establishing a joint working group among ACTE, Army Accessions Command, USAREC, and Army Cadet Command with the goal of implementing an Integrated Career Path pilot program by the end of 2010.

2. Establishing a joint working group consisting of the same representatives to create professional development models for CTE instructors, counselors and administrators to empower them to assist high school students with academic and career planning.  The goal is for teachers to be eligible for teacher recertification credit by appropriate accreditation agencies.

3. Creating a communications tool, preferably Web-based, that will assist with the dissemination of information detailing educational opportunities offered by the Army and how these opportunities provide career paths through the 16 career clusters.  AAC and ACTE will create this tool by June 2010.

4. Through a schedule of conferences and study groups, integrating the Army's expertise, programs and materials into ACTE's leadership development initiatives.  ACTE's leadership development is focused on both aspiring and current educational leaders. 

5. Ensuring that CTE students are aware of  ROTC scholarship opportunities.

6. Establishing a working group to create vehicles, such as through Troops to Teachers, where CTE administrators can recruit prospective skill training instructors to meet the critical CTE teacher shortage.

7. Creating Partnership for Youth Success agreements with CTE school districts.


In fulfilling the objectives of this MOU, the Parties agree to participate and to be responsible for the following activities:

USAAC, at its sole and unfettered discretion and without obligation; and consistent with law, regulation, and policy and subject to availability of funds, will:

1. Meet on a regular and appropriate basis and undertake all efforts required to advance collaboration and progress in the Parties’ shared objectives. 

2. Provide Subject Matter Experts and various opportunities for ACTE personnel and ACTE members to learn more about Army education, training, skills development, programs and policies.  It is envisioned that subordinate commands will participate in relevant local, regional and national activities.

3. Participate as appropriate in outreach programs, forums, workshops, training, media activities and relevant programs aimed at increasing the success of the Nation’s students, educators and the education policy community.


It is mutually agreed and understood by the Parties that:

A.  This MOU is an agreement of mutual support, and not an enforceable contract at law.  It may not be enforced against the other Party by any legal or equitable suit or action. 

B.  This MOU is neither a fiscal nor a funds obligation document.  Any endeavor involving reimbursement or contribution of funds or transfer of anything of value, between the Parties to this MOU will be handled in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures.  Any contract or agreement for training or other services must fully comply with all applicable requirements for competition.

C.  Nothing in this MOU shall be construed as affording ACTE any preferential treatment, exclusive rights, or privileges.  USAAC is prohibited from formally endorsing or appearing to endorse a specific private organization. 

D.  The Parties to this MOU or their designated representatives shall review the MOU annually.  Either Party may withdraw from the agreement upon written notification to the other Party, which notice shall become effective when mailed by United States certified mail, postage prepaid, to that Party’s headquarters address set forth below:

To USAAC:                              To ACTE: 

Commander                                                    Executive Director
U.S. Army Accessions Command               ACTE
90 Ingalls Road                                              1410 King Street
Fort Monroe, VA  23651                                  Alexandria, VA 22314


The Parties have executed this MOU on 20 November  2009.

BENJAMIN C. FREAKLEY                            JAN BRAY
Lieutenant General, US Army                     ACTE
Commanding                                                Executive Director



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