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What kind of educational services does March2Success provide?
March2Success is a complimentary online tool that provides materials and competency building in verbal, math and science to help high school students prepare for state required exams and college entrance tests, including SAT, ACT and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The program teaches study skills, offers sample tests and information about the college admission process and financial aid resources.

How has the March2Success curriculum evolved?
In June 2013, March2Success added three new courses from its content partner, Peterson’s. These courses include lessons, assessments and practice tests to help students with a wide range of materials in math, verbal and science. The new curriculum provides more interactive content and shorter assessments to help engage students.

What type of curriculum is offered through the program?
The curriculum includes a High School Math and Verbal Skills course for grades 8-10 that features a pre-assessment, customized learning path and practice tests.

In addition, the College Readiness Online course and High School Science Hub were combined to replace the State Standardized Test Preparation course. The College Readiness Online course focuses on grades 11-12 math and verbal proficiencies and can be used to prepare for state required exams, college entrance exams or to simply brush up on skills. The High School Science Hub features lessons and practice tests in earth science, biology, chemistry and physics. The program is available to registered students for a 90-day period. If needed, an extension can be requested.

What types of students and age groups is March2Success designed to serve?
Students from middle school age to college graduates who are looking to improve skill levels or prepare for required standardized testing are encouraged to take advantage of the free March2Success program.

What is the most interesting aspect of the program?

March2Success offers a curriculum that is designed for the individual user. The program allows students to pave their own path based on their individual strengths and areas of improvement.

How does March2Success help students build skills for their future?

The materials, sample tests and videos help students develop competency in verbal, math and science while preparing them for state required tests and college entrance exams.

What role do educators and parents have with March2Success?

Educators and parents can support students in meeting their educational goals by directing them to the March2Success website. Educators are encouraged to use March2Success in conjunction with regular teaching materials to help students build their verbal, math and science competencies. Educators and parents can also actively work with students on the program elements.

How do I leverage this at my school?

Educators are encouraged to share March2Success with other educators, students and parents through school newspapers and other campus communications channels. Saving a link to on school computers will make the program easily accessible to students while they’re on campus.

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