West Point Bridge Design Contest

The purpose of the contest is to provide middle school and high school students with a realistic, engaging introduction to engineering using the West Point Bridge Design software. We provide this contest as a service to education--and as a tribute to the Academy's two hundred years of service to the United States of America.

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Background: This contest commemorates West Point's engineering heritage and its role in developing the nation's infrastructure. Founded in 1802, the United States Military Academy at West Point was the first school in the U.S. to offer a formal program of instruction in engineering. During the first half of the 19th century, civil engineering was the foundation of the West Point curriculum.  Academy graduates from that time designed and built many of the young nation's railroads, bridges, harbors, and roads—and now the challenge is yours!

Mission: The contest will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Learn about engineering through a realistic, hands-on problem-solving experience.
  • Learn about the engineering design process--the application of math, science, and technology to create devices and systems that meet human needs.
  • Learn how engineers use the computer as a problem-solving tool.
  • Have fun pitting your problem-solving skills against those of other virtual bridge designers around the globe.

Contest Structure: The contest is open to all US students between the ages of 13 and 12th grade. Students compete in three rounds, either individually or in pairs. The final round is hosted at West Point in New York. Each person on the winning team is awarded a $10,000 scholarship, the second place team receives a $5,000 scholarship, and third place team members will win a Notebook computer