The U.S. Army High School Challenge is an academic (STEM-focused), teamwork, and strategy-based event that provides students the chance to learn about scholarship and career opportunities with the U.S. Army.

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  • Educate students about scholarship and career opportunities with the U.S. Army
  • Provide an engaging and hands-on learning environment
  • Inspire students to recognize leadership qualities within themselves

At the heart of every High School Challenge event lies an obstacle course with different physical, strategic, and teamwork-oriented activities. Students compete in teams of four, racing against the clock to finish the course in the fastest time.

The High School Challenge travels to different cities across the country, visiting each school for one full day. This fun and interactive experience provides high school students—juniors and seniors in particular—an opportunity to learn more about the U.S. Army. It also promotes leadership development and encourages students to think about their career/educational goals.


Q: Is there a cost associated with this event?
A: No, the High School Challenge is a free event for your school to host, and the U.S. Army’s event team provides all staff members and materials.

Q: How much space is required for set-up?
A: The minimum space requirement for the set-up of the High School Challenge is approximately 70’ x 50’. Most schools host the event in their main gym.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: Students must be at least 14 years old to register, and must register in order to participate in all activities. High School Challenge is especially relevant for juniors and seniors.

Q: How many students can participate?
A: We like to encourage as much participation as possible! The High School Challenge is open to all grade levels, with a main focus on juniors and seniors. Approximately 100 students can complete the challenge in one hour.

Q: How physically demanding is the event?
A: The physicality involved with the High School Challenge is no different than what students/parents would expect to see in a normal PE class.


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