March2Success is a complimentary online tool that provides materials, videos and competency building in verbal, math and science to help high school students prepare for state required exams and college entrance tests, including SAT, ACT and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The program teaches study skills, offers sample tests and information about the college admission process and financial aid resources.

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Students can take advantage of individualized learning paths to fine-tune subject matter expertise and prepare for standardized tests.

In June 2013, three new courses were added to the March2Success curriculum. These interactive courses include lessons, practice tests and short assessments to help students develop their verbal, math and science skills.

  • The High School Math and Verbal Skills course features pre-assessments, practice tests and a personalized learning plan for grades 8-10.
  • The College Readiness Online course focuses on improving math and verbal proficiencies for grades 11-12, which is helpful for required state exams and college entrance tests.
  • The High School Science Hub features lessons and practice tests in earth science, biology, chemistry and physics.

Here’s how March2Success can benefit you:

Student: Now is the time to hone your school smarts and prepare for college entrance exams for free. March2Success lessons are tailored to your specific subject matter needs, so you only spend time reviewing or learning what you need to know. In addition, our video series explaining how admissions and financial aid works will ensure a smoother college application process for you.

Parent/Mentor: Whether your child needs assistance with certain school subjects, is preparing for the SATs or ACT or about to enter the workforce, March2Success offers a solution. The March2Success program has partnered with industry leaders on college preparation and required state testing programs to design and provide the best possible training materials and path for your child. The program website can be accessed online anywhere.

Educator: The updated March2Success curriculum and free educational resources can supplement your lesson plans. Plus, the program allows you to track student progress and performance online. It also can serve as a tutoring program for students outside of the classroom, especially for those preparing for college entrance tests.


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