www.GoArmyEd.com is an online hub for eligible Active Duty, National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers, who are working toward a higher education degree. With access to Army tuition assistance and regionally accredited universities, GoArmyEd is offered by the Army Continuing Education System and is a one-stop portal that allows Soldiers to register and take classes, learn about testing requirements and degree plans, access counseling support and develop new skill sets.

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GoArmyEd provides information about classes, degrees, educational programs and services that fit the needs of a Soldier’s lifestyle and schedule. A few of the resources include:
• Army personnel testing, which is used to determine eligibility for specialized training
• Counselors to discuss future goals and a roadmap with Soldiers
• Multi-use learning facilities that use technology to create an engaging atmosphere that helps Soldiers learn leadership and job-related skills

GoArmyEd is used by:
• Soldiers to pursue a postsecondary education
• Army education counselors to provide education guidance
• Schools to deliver degree and course offerings and report Soldier progress

Starting in September 2013, Army Civilians can go to GoArmyEd to apply for civilian education, training and leadership development events.


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