Credentialing Opportunities On-line (COOL)

COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps U.S. Army Soldiers find information on certifications and licenses related to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). COOL explains how Soldiers can meet civilian certification and license requirements and provides links to numerous resources to help get them started.

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COOL is an instructive and advantageous tool that gives Soldiers all the necessary information needed to gain skills and thrive in their careers. With reliable information and valuable resources within their reach through COOL, Soldiers are able to further their education and plan for their future.

COOL is intended for the following groups:
• Soldiers who need to know the civilian credentials that relate to their MOS and the process for earning certification.
• Education, Career and Transition Counselors who want to provide guidance on education, professional development and career opportunities.
• U.S. Army Recruiters who want to share professional growth opportunities and civilian career preparation that is available through Army service with potential recruits.
• Employers and Credentialing Boards who are interested in learning how military training and experience prepares Soldiers for civilian careers.

COOL contains a variety of information about credentialing and licensing. COOL can be used to:
• Get background information about civilian licensure and certification in general and specific information on individual credentials including eligibility requirements and resources to prepare for a credentialing exam.
• Identify licenses and certifications relevant to Army MOSs for enlisted soldiers and Warrant Officers.
• Learn how to fill gaps between Army training and experience and civilian credentialing requirements.
• Learn about resources available to Soldiers that can help them gain civilian job credentials.
The COOL site is both a search tool and an information source. Soldiers can find information on a specific credential by searching by MOS or by the name of a specific credential or agency. Related certifications and related licenses have been determined to be related to the MOS either directly or by skill. Each credential in the funded certifications table is designated as either directly related (D) or skill related (S).
• Directly related certifications – Certifications that are directly related to at least 80 percent of the major duties associated with a Soldier's MOS.
• Skill related certifications – Certifications that are directly related to at least one critical task associated with the duties of a Soldier's MOS.
• Other certifications and other licenses include credentials that may also be of interest to persons in the MOS, but may require significant additional training or experience to obtain.