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BYU ROTC Army cadets undergo hands-on training

The Daily Universe | Nov 4, 2016

Real-life experience doesn’t get much more real than it does for the BYU Army ROTC. The ROTC uses an active learning environment to bring its cadets up to scratch. On Oct. 28-29, 2016, cadets participated in a 48-hour field-training exercise. On Oct. 20, 90 cadets flew in a Black Hawk (UH-60) helicopter at Camp Williams, located close to the Point of the Mountain. Maj. Ben Ashton and Sgt. Byron Hunter organized the helicopter event in conjunction with the Utah Army National Guard, who provided two helicopters seating up to 10 people. The purpose of the event was to give a “familiarization flight” to cadets and let them see the process of flying an Army helicopter. Cadet Kal Holyoak, a senior in the ROTC program, participated in this event for the third time. “It’s always exhilarating and it’s always fun being with your fellow cadets,” Holyoak said. “It gives you an idea of some sort of feeling of being in the operational army.” Read more

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