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NASBE and the U.S. Army Sign Education Memorandum of Understanding

Mar 12, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 13, 2009) – Representatives from the U.S. Army Accessions Command (USAAC) and the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) this week signed an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) providing the cooperative framework to increase collaboration in supporting the Nation’s young people and improving the educational experiences, next-stage preparedness, and graduation rates of the Nation’s high school students.

“Through this remarkable partnership, we are committing to a significant and sustained dialogue – and joint actions – to align the resources of the U.S. Army with the education system to improve outcomes for youth in communities across the country,” said Brenda Welburn, Executive Director, NASBE. “Late last year, NASBE members had the privilege of spending time with Army experts and leaders to learn and discuss best practices and our shared commitment to ensuring that the Nation’s youth enter their post-secondary paths well prepared for their futures.  Those discussions framed the collaborative paths outlined in this Memorandum of Understanding.”

“The U.S. Army and NASBE share in the common goal to motivate, educate, train and develop America’s youth to become the leaders, decision makers and civic contributors of tomorrow,” said Lieutenant General Benjamin C. Freakley, Commanding General, U.S. Army Accessions Command. “Through the collaboration of ideas, the sharing of knowledge, and the development of unique initiatives, we aim to identify productive ways to improve public education and support educators so that our system remains viable, strong and competitive for future generations. Strong students with strong futures make our Nation stronger.”

Specific areas of focus that have been identified in the Understanding for collaboration include building a comprehensive understanding of post-secondary choices for students, improving graduation rates, improving the health and fitness of high school students, expanded career exploration/assessment and test preparation resources for educators and students, and elevating the need for well-trained teachers, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics.

The Understanding also outlines a combined effort to identify productive ways of sharing the educational and expert resources of America’s Army with the education community; to improve student readiness for post-secondary success, whether that is higher education, technical training, industry, military service or some combination of options; to increase educator understanding of the educational opportunities available to Soldiers; and to support NASBE in meeting its commitment to sound and thoughtful education policy development.

NASBE,, represents America’s state and territorial boards of education. Its principal objectives are to strengthen state leadership in education policymaking; advocate equality of access to educational opportunity; promote excellence in the education of all students; and assure responsible lay governance of education.

The U.S. Army Accessions Command, headquartered at Ft. Monroe, Va., is charged with providing integrated command and control of the recruiting and initial military training for the Army's officer, warrant officer, and enlisted forces. Designed to meet the human resource needs of the Army from first handshake to first unit of assignment, the command transforms volunteers into Soldiers and leaders for the Army. 

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