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U.S. Army Trading Cards Showcase High-Demand STEM Careers

Sep 25, 2017

The U.S. Army and the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) have partnered to highlight STEM careers that are in-demand in the Army. The organizations have created Army Trading Cards, giving educators, parents and students the opportunity to see a variety of STEM careers the Army offers.

Each card includes a description of the career opportunity, the training and educational benefits gained through Army service, potential bonus information, and other helpful information – all on a pocket-sized trading card. 

The trading cards were created in an effort to help the Army meet its new goal, which is undertaking a new and determined mission to increase its total size to 1 million – under the direction of our Nation’s leaders, an addition of approximately 28,000 Soldiers by Sept. 30, 2017. 

By increasing its size, the Army will be able to better meet the challenges of an increasingly uncertain security environment. The increase in Soldiers will also strengthen the capabilities of the total force, including the active component which will increase by 16,000, the Army National Guard which will increase by 8,000, and the Army Reserve which will increase by 4,000. 

As one of the strongest and most elite teams in the world, maintaining high standards is mission critical and must be upheld during this period of rapid growth. Therefore, the Army is working tirelessly to find top recruits who are resilient, healthy and have character.

Today, only 3 out of 10 youth between the ages of 17-24 qualify to serve in the Army, and of that small percentage of qualified candidates, many remain misinformed about the opportunities that the Army offers – both in and out of uniform.

As the Army works to enlist top talent, it will use a variety of personnel management tools to meet the new troop strength requirement, including recruiting and retention bonuses and a focus on officer retention. The Army is also offering enlistment contracts as short as two years for almost 100 military occupational specialties, which also include benefits for education.

That’s where the trading cards come in. They’re a tool for educators, school counselors, school administrators, parents and students alike to help inform them about the benefits of Army service and the wide variety of careers available. The cards can be used for educator workshops, student career fairs, and even as a one-on-one career guidance tool.

Though the number of men and women eligible to serve in the Army remains small, the Army’s mission remains ambitious – to continue to recruit top-quality Soldiers that demonstrate the attributes of strong leaders. 

For more information about Army STEM careers that are currently in demand, check out the new Army Trading Cards here:

These are just a few of the military occupational specialties to which the U.S. Army is adding additional personnel this year. To see others, visit

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