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Gina Riggs, EMS Director, Kiamichi Technology Center

Gina Riggs
Poteau, OK
EMS Director, Kiamichi Technology Center

Why did you become involved in the Army?
I am the EMS Director/Paramedic in rural Oklahoma and have been in the emergency services profession for 35 years. For the last 25 years I have been teaching in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) arena.

I really did not know very much about the Army and all the programs and opportunities it offers to our students. I began working with the Army during my term as the national Association for Career Technical Education (ACTE) Vice President of the Health Science Education Division. I have become a true supporter and cheerleader for everything the Army does to help our students better themselves by offering excellent education opportunities after high school and/or college.

What were you surprised to learn about the Army through your involvement? 
I was surprised to learn about all of the Army’s financial support and scholarships available to students to continue their education after high school as well as the career opportunities within healthcare, STEM and other great professional fields.

What has been your most interesting or memorable experience or interaction with the U.S. Army? 
I would have to say my most interesting and memorable experiences have been:

  • Having access to Army information at Career Technical Education (CTE) conferences for teachers to learn more about what the Army has to offer.
  • Having the Army as an exhibitor at Career and Technology Students Organizations (CTSO) conferences such as the national leadership conferences for HOSA - Future Health Professionals. The students love the Army displays and activities!
  • Attending scholarship dinners and meeting with Army personnel who are true professionals.
  • Seeing the passion Army personnel have for our young students. 

Why do you feel military service should be considered a viable post-secondary option? 
Many of our students cannot afford to attend college due to family situations, and the Army can help them become a successful citizen through scholarships and tuition assistance. The education opportunities, especially for someone who wants to go into healthcare, are amazing. 

Why do you feel it is important to support the Army as a leader in your community?  
Our school is in a rural area and our students do not always have the opportunity for post-secondary education or leaving their community to venture out into the world. The U.S. Army would be a great avenue for a student to become whatever s/he wishes to be. 

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