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Dr. Ray Davis, Ray Davis Consulting

Ray Davis
Irmo, SC
Ray Davis Consulting

Q: How did you become involved with the Army?

My first encounter with the U.S. Army was back in 2007 when I attended the All-American Bowl in San Antonio as a guest of U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Touring Fort Sam Houston opened my eyes to the numerous outstanding career opportunities available in today's Army. At that time, I was the Program Director for Career Guidance in South Carolina public schools. This trip enabled me to begin to study ways in which our state career guidance counselors could learn more about military careers and pass this learning on to students and parents. 

Q: How has your partnership with the Army made a difference to your organization?

My involvement resulted in the creation of the pilot for Military Career Pathways 101, a course for educators on U.S. Army careers. I designed it with outstanding leaders from South Carolina, our Army Recruiting Battalion, and the staff at Fort Jackson to support educators in studying how military careers fit in to the nation's career pathway framework used in our schools. This model has been revised annually since 2010 and is still offered to state educators to enable them to develop career guidance programs around military careers. Several states have duplicated the initial pilot.

Q: Why do you feel military service should be considered a viable post-secondary option?

My involvement with the U.S. Army over the years has proven to me that the U.S. Army is our nation's foremost workforce development entity. In addition, the U.S. Army has the greatest commitment to lifelong learning of any organization in the United States. However, this post-secondary option is often the nation's best kept secret in secondary schools. I sincerely believe that students should give military careers a strong look if they want the best training in their field of study and the opportunity to continue their formal learning. Careers in the U.S. Army provide great benefits, training, and an opportunity to serve our country.

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