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Christopher Young, High School Division Director, DECA Inc.

Christopher Young, CAE
Reston, VA
High School Division Director

As DECA’s High School Division Director, I work with the Army to align their mission with DECA’s mission and to create valuable educational experiences for our DECA members. In my role, I work to create opportunities to help prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. One of the highlights each year is partnering with the Army at the DECA Emerging Leader Summit. The Army facilitates an interactive leadership workshop and networks with our DECA members at a special event, allowing them to learn more about the Army. The Army also sponsors our annual leadership luncheon at our DECA International Career Development Conference which recognizes the leadership service of our organization’s top student and adult leaders.

Q: How did you become involved with the Army?

I became involved with the U.S. Army through my role at DECA and partnering with them each year.

Q: How has your partnership with the Army made a difference to your organization?

The Army’s partnership has helped make our DECA members aware of the Army in general as well as the opportunities that are available to them. One big highlight was the presentation of scholarships on our big stage at the Grand Awards Session of our DECA International Career Development Conference. For these DECA members, they are serving their country while also furthering their education with the assistance of the U.S. Army.

Q: What were you surprised to learn about the Army through your involvement?

Each year, I enjoy learning about the personal experiences and histories of our U.S. Army representatives who share their time and knowledge with our DECA members.

Q: What has been your most interesting or memorable experience / interaction with the U.S. Army?

One of the most memorable experiences with the U.S. Army was at our DECA Emerging Leader Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. The Army provided such an engaging workshop and then continued the conversation at our bowling and pizza networking event. The DECA members truly appreciated the service of our Army members, as well as the opportunity to learn from them. 

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