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Brent Kindred, SkillsUSA Wisconsin Executive Director

Brent Kindred
Madison, WI
SkillsUSA Wisconsin Executive Director 
SkillsUSA Wisconsin & Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Q: How did you become involved with the Army?  
For the past decade, I’ve been honored to be the SkillsUSA Wisconsin Executive Director, working from within the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. I am also proud to be a product of our organization, starting as a high school student member, then teacher and chapter advisor, and now the executive director. I also have the privilege of being the immediate past-president on the SkillsUSA National Board of Directors.

Q: What has been your most interesting or memorable experience with the U.S. Army? 
I have always been enamored with the Army, and was approached years ago to form a partnership with our SkillsUSA Wisconsin student organization. Over the past few years, I am proud to say we have been able to grow our partnership and help educate students about the Army. Growing our partnership has been a pleasure, as many of the Army and SkillsUSA values overlap.

SkillsUSA believes in the dignity of work, the American way of life, in education, and in high moral and spiritual standards. For all these reasons, my discussions with the Army come very naturally. The conversations Soldiers have with our students (America’s future workforce) flow naturally as well. I am so proud of the partnership we have built with the U.S. Army.

Q: What were you surprised to learn about the Army through your involvement?  
I was most surprised at the number of opportunities available through the U.S. Army. The vast majority of the population is only aware of a small number of these opportunities.

Q: What has been your most interesting or memorable experience with the U.S. Army?  
First, at our recent SkillsUSA Wisconsin State Conference, the keynote speaker was Lieutenant Colonel Robert Eldridge, Commander, U.S. Army Milwaukee Recruiting Battalion. He had a powerful personal message about his Army journey and tied it back to our SkillsUSA mission and what both organizations have in common. In all my years as the Wisconsin State Director, this was the first time any keynote speaker received a standing ovation. It was motivational and I am happy our members were able to hear Lt. Col. Eldridge’s message. Additionally, I find each time I meet and/or talk with someone with the U.S. Army to be memorable - I am always impressed by the professionalism and honor. This is the reason why I want our SkillsUSA members to see and interact with U.S. Army Soldiers. Our young people benefit by seeing this nobility and it hopefully prompts them to further explore the Army as a post-secondary option. 

Q: Why do you feel the Army should be considered as a viable post-secondary option?
The U.S. Army offers too many post-high school options to not be considered. Even after all this time working with the Army, I am still learning about the opportunities. No matter what your career pathway might be, the U.S. Army probably has an opportunity for you. I really mean that. In addition to career pathways and personal development, serving your country is one of the noblest things a person can do in their lifetime. Everyone owes it to themselves to consider the U.S. Army.

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