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U.S. Army Supports STEM Learning Through Partnership With Ten80

May 23, 2016

This year, nearly 10,000 students will discover the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as core drivers for successful careers. As part of this effort, U.S. Army Soldiers are gathering at local-area high schools across the country to promote the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge produced by Ten80 Education.Ten80 is a collaborative organization responsible for publishing a K-12 STEM curriculum, training educators in the art of STEM and motivating students to never stop learning.

Local high school students pair into small groups to tackle the Student Racing Challenge

The U.S. Army is a proud partner of Ten80, sponsoring eight Ten80 Student Racing Challenges and two STEMFest events over the course of the year. At these challenges, students have the chance to work in teams, competing in a series of mental challenges that exercise their critical thinking skills and that parallel the advanced training and mental strategy required of both U.S. Army Soldiers and the U.S. Army Racing team.

STEMFest is an amplified Ten80 experience with attendance surpassing 1,000 students. The goal of the event is to communicate the importance of STEM while helping students visualize the direct comparison to Army careers. Additionally, DJ Crespo performs an original electronic dance music (EDM) set and discusses how STEM impacts his music creation.

Much like Soldiers, STEM students are problem-solvers, with a heightened interest in innovation. The Army is committed to education initiatives and advanced technology, making the partnership with Ten80 a natural fit for both organizations. 

Terri Stripling (Ten80 Education) and U.S. Army Team personnel participate in a panel discussion to share the ways in which STEM education impacts their careers

The technology field is evolving rapidly, and the U.S. Army possesses unique capabilities to drive innovation forward. Students at Ten80 Challenges see the vast array of STEM-related career paths offered through the force, increasing their awareness of the Army as a viable career option following graduation.

The Army invests in resources that help develop elite minds in STEM-focused areas, enabling the Soldiers of today to become the global leaders of tomorrow. Opportunities for STEM careers in the Army are numerous, specifically in the areas of aviation, space operations, robotics and the medical fields. As technology continues to advance in the fields of mobile application development, cyber security, website development and video game design, the options are even more numerous. Many students aren’t aware of groups like the Army Game Studio, which supplies Soldiers and civilians with the latest gear and gadgets to be successful.

U.S. Army Soldiers prepare for a full day of STEM education, gearing up the RC vehicles before students arrive

Ten80 Challenges inspire students to engage in STEM learning, providing them with opportunities to cultivate the confidence that comes from knowing how to effectively answer hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges and innovate toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Local Soldier instructs New York high school students on the mechanics of motorized RC vehicles at STEMFest New York at York College.

The Ten80 experience takes place over the course of the year. U.S. Army Soldiers will be onsite throughout the events, interacting with students. Ten80 and the Army are excited to expand into these additional markets in the fall of 2016: Miami, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis and St. Louis.

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