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U.S. Army Soldiers Challenge Houston Airshow Participants to Test their Skills

Dec 7, 2016

During the weekend of October 22-23, 2016, approximately 90,000 spectators attended the two-day Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Airport in Houston, Texas. Many sponsors came together to support this charitable event, including the U.S. Army. The Army hosted an engaging and interactive exhibit space—known as the GoArmy Experience—where participants were encouraged to learn more about the careers and educational opportunities within the Army and to challenge their brains and bodies in some of the same ways Soldiers do.


Participants completed physical challenges at the Wings Over Houston Airshow with the encouragement of U.S. Army Soldiers from the Houston Recruiting Battalion. 

For many attendees, one of the highlights of the interactive space was experiencing an Apache helicopter flight training simulation. This three-minute adventure in a motion simulator gave participants a visual glimpse and physical insights into what real Army pilots experience every day. After participating in this opportunity, attendees were able to speak with local Soldiers from the Houston Recruiting Battalion, who shared their own experiences in the U.S. Army and what it takes to join. Soldiers spoke candidly about the advanced training and education that has helped them reach their full potential and prevail in complex environments.


Participants get ready to experience an Apache helicopter flight training simulation at the Army activation site at Wings Over Houston Airshow.

Participants were also asked to test their STEM skills, mental agility and critical thinking by completing a giant puzzle known as the “Strategy Tower” and navigating their way through an “Airlift” challenge. While both activities encouraged teamwork and leadership—two well-known characteristics of Army Soldiers—the critical thinking and STEM skills practiced during these challenges are just as essential for success in many Army careers. Soldiers helped participants make this connection while also encouraging them to spend time mapping out a plan and giving their very best effort to their teams.

Four local high school students use their teamwork skills to participate in the Airlift Challenge in the U.S. Army interactive area at Wings Over Houston Airshow.

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