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U.S. Army Helps to #TransformFFA at 2016 National Convention & Expo

Dec 7, 2016

The theme of the 2016 National FFA Convention & Expo was #TransformFFA – a nod to the ever-changing landscape of farming and agricultural sciences that requires adaptation and agility by those who study and work in those industries. It was a familiar theme to the U.S. Army -- not unlike those who work in farming and agriculture, U.S. Army Soldiers are constantly adapting to challenges and changing conditions. It was this common ground that made this year’s National FFA Convention a great success, and an excellent opportunity for the Army to connect with the more than 65,000 FFA student leaders who attended the event in Indianapolis to learn best practices to apply in their future careers. 

Students tested their STEM skills at the Army Robot Challenge at the National FFA Convention.

Throughout the three-day expo, students and Soldiers discussed career and education opportunities available in the Army, including food science and veterinary medicine careers. Interactive activities in the Army exhibit area allowed students to challenge their bodies and minds while learning about U.S. Army careers and values. 

A U.S. Army Soldier and National FFA member test out a flight simulator at the National FFA Convention.

Soldiers also led workshops for more than 400 student and educator attendees. Four workshops were held with a focus on veterinary medicine and food science careers, featuring real Soldiers sharing their experiences and explaining how their jobs help to build the greatest force on Earth – from being a trusted source for military families, caring for military working dogs who keep Soldiers safe or ensuring military communities have access to secure food supplies.

Capt. Jessica Bowden and Staff Sgt. Megan Bates spoke to students about how their Army careers in veterinary medicine help them to gain an edge in their fields.

Sgt. Ken Dockett and Warrant Officer 1 Priscilla Jjuuko talked about the food science career opportunities available in the U.S. Army.

Each year, the National FFA Convention & Expo serves as an example of the many reasons why the Army and National FFA’s partnership continues to strengthen. FFA members and Army Soldiers alike hold high standards of leadership and citizenship, as well as a deep respect for and reliance on the lasting value of education. Army Soldiers transform to adapt and overcome challenges, and National FFA and its leaders are transforming to become top professionals in their industries while pursuing opportunities head on.

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