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Find Your Top Speed In The Classroom

Mar 31, 2017

Speed, power, teamwork, technology and education are the driving forces that have led to the U.S. Army’s recognition as one of the world’s most elite teams. Not only do these forces propel our Soldiers to be the best that they can be, they are also the key elements that make up the U.S. Army Racing Team, one of the most elite teams in NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing. 

Just like Soldiers, members of the Army Racing team are experts in their field, which in this case are STEM-focused careers. From the clutch specialist to the crew chief, each member of the Army Racing team has a unique skill set related to STEM. 

Before each run, the Army Racing team must account for multiple variances, including track temperature, air temperature, humidity, track surface, and barometric pressure – all of which can change multiple times per day and even in the minutes leading up to the run. In these moments, it is crucial for the team to demonstrate the attributes of a strong Soldier. 

With this in mind, every time the Army Racing team is on the track, it demonstrates the same attributes the Army looks for in its Soldiers – versatility, adaptability and teamwork. 

The Army Racing team’s commitment to excellence has resulted in the U.S. Army Top Fuel dragster having the fastest acceleration on land – accelerating faster than the Space Shuttle— reaching 100 mph in .8 seconds. 

The level of engineering and teamwork on display at the race track is a culmination of the Army's leading-edge technology and the innovative, realistic training it provides in the fields of STEM. Often STEM-related careers in the Army translate into exciting civilian careers, similar to those of the Army Racing team’s pit crew.

The following infographic reflects the advanced qualities of the U.S. Army Top Fuel dragster. For more information about the Army Racing team, visit


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