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Eight Unique Careers in the Army

May 2, 2016

Students nearing high school graduation have a lot of big choices ahead about their future, but they may not realize how many career paths are available to them as they map out their goals. Did you know the U.S. Army offers approximately 200 different career options in a variety of fields? Some careers available in the Army might surprise you, including these eight.

For example, are you glued to your guitar? The Army Band is made up of talented Musicians (42R). If you’re passionate about an instrument (or more than one), the U.S. Army needs skilled players running the full gamut from the electric bass guitar to the flute to the French horn. These musicians perform in many different ensembles, ranging from ceremonial band to jazz band, and play all styles of music for all types of events.

Ever dreamed of being a film producer or camera operator? A Visual Information Equipment OperatorMaintainer (25R) might have a mouthful of a title, but his or her day-to-day responsibilities include filming, recording audio, and scripting and special effects techniques.

Or, if you have always imagined yourself in front of a camera, check out a career as a Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist (46R), which focuses on creating, filming, reporting, hosting and editing news and entertainment radio and television programs.

Fascinated by computers and the internet? Take a look at becoming a Cyber Operations Specialist (17C) and learn to conduct cyberspace operations and analyze digital forensics data.

If you’re interested in learning about other cultures and speaking new languages, the U.S. Army has a track for that, too. An Interpreter/Translator (09L) helps bridge language barriers between the U.S. and different countries. Or if visual communications is more your strength, consider a career as a Multimedia Illustrator (25M) and create graphic artwork that is used in Army publications, signs, charts, posters, television and film productions.

Enjoy helping people lead more healthful lives? Army Dieticians (65C) improve Soldier readiness through diet assessment and education. As officers in the Army Medical Specialist Corps, they play an important role in improving the overall quality of life for Soldiers and their families. If animals hold the key to your heart, Veterinarians (64A) care for animals of all sizes, including those of Soldiers and their families, Veterans and civilians, as well as the Army’s working dogs.

Regardless of your personal interests and experience, the U.S. Army has a path to help build a rewarding career. For more information on careers available, visit or talk to your local recruiter.

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