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DECA Students Develop Skills to “Own Their Future” at Army Workshop in San Francisco

Sep 19, 2016

“What does it mean to own your future?” Capt. Joshua Mendez, Assistant Professor of Military Science, University of San Francisco ROTC, posed this question to about 160 DECA students at the 2016 Emerging Leader Summit. Not only is “owning your future” the theme of the upcoming DECA school year, but it was an essential thought starter to kick off the leadership workshop conducted by Capt. Mendez on July 9, 2016 in San Francisco.

Throughout the course of the interactive workshop, Capt. Mendez covered many topics with the students, including identifying different leadership styles as exemplified by individuals in the students’ lives whom they look up to as strong leaders, and even Capt. Mendez’s own education and career path and situations where his leadership skills were put to the test. These real-life examples helped bring the concepts of strong leadership to life for the students who all serve as leaders in their local chapters of DECA.

Capt. Mendez discusses different ways to lead with a member of
DECA’s Virginia Chapter during the Leadership Workshop.

Capt. Mendez also introduced the Army’s core leader competencies and encouraged students to consider how they can “lead, develop and achieve” while completing a hands-on leadership exercise. Several groups assigned a spokesperson to talk to the room about their experiences and learnings from the exercise, and students were very eager to share their thoughts with their peers and advisors.

DECA students discuss potential courses of action for the leadership
vignette with Capt. Mendez during the Leadership Workshop.

To cap off an exciting day of learning, the DECA students and 40 advisors participated in a bus tour of San Francisco sponsored by the U.S. Army. Capt. Mendez joined the enthusiastic Southern region for the open-top bus adventure and talked with students about the U.S. Army during photo stops at iconic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge.

The 2016 Emerging Leader Summit challenged students to “own” their future, and the Army leadership workshop provided students with new tools to go forward and become strong leaders for their DECA chapters in their communities and as they begin their careers.

DECA students talk about Army education opportunities with Capt. Mendez
during a stop on the evening bus tour around San Francisco.

The U.S. Army has partnered with DECA for more than 17 years. DECA is a not-for-profit student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The 2016 Emerging Leader Summit was held July 8-10 in San Francisco, CA.

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